Esco Pin & Bush Coupling – EPB

General Details

Esco Pin & Bush Coupling – EPB


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ESCO EPB Series coupling’s assembly is made of two flanges interlocked with number of Pin & Bush flexible elements based on coupling size.

Conical rubber bush mounted on steel pin are unique flexible elements and take high shaft misalignments. Hub are made of cast iron.

Pin bush couplings are suitable for general industrial application.

Features :


EPB series couplings are easy to assemble and dissemble on machinery shaft. The couplings are also suitable for Independent running of the drive.

No Lubrication:

EPB coupling do not require lubrication of any kind whatsoever.

Shock & Vibration Absorption:

EPB coupling has good shock absorption capacity due to construction being cushioned drive type transmitting the torque through rubber bushes.

Size & Cost:

High torque capacity for compact size and low weight.

Easy Maintenance:

No complicated mechanism to demand adjustment or maintenance of bushes are easy and can be quickly fitted without dismantling or moving either of coupling shaft.

Low Operation Cost:

In EPB Series Coupling, wear part is the curved shaped bush, cost of bush coupling is reliable and economical in the long run.

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