Unique Gear Couplings

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Unique Transmission Gear Couplings


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Unique gear couplings is a range to cater for torque ratings upto 114000 nm with triple crowning on gear teeth provide a most reliable and economic solution to many drive requirements. Superior sealing and higher bore capacities are features of these couplings, also available in spacer design, floating drive shafts with solid or light weight tubular intermediate shafts and with shifter arrangement for manual disengagement of drive, piloting on tooth ensures greater concentricity/better dynamic balance.

Key Features

  • Teeth Curved as well as barreled
  • Improved Seals – Perform much better than O rings
  • Full Teeth engagement – Reduces uneven wear
  • Piloting on Teeth OD – Ensures better dynamic balance
  • Higher Bore capacities
  • Compact
  • Wide Range – Full Gear , Semi Gear , Spacer Couplings
  • Full Floating & Semi Floating Shafts

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