Semiflex Standard F

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Schmidt-Kupplung Semiflex Standard F


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Operating principle
The Semiflex coupling is a torsionally stiff and restoring-force-free precision coupling. In addition to the compensation of axial and angular displacements, it provides high radial displacement capacity together with compact design.
The displacement compensation is restoring force-free and takes place via the unique system of two pairs of 90°-offset link rods. The angle synchronisation of the connected shafts is retained at all times.

Standard F Line – combination of performance and compact design
The Standard line combines performance, compact design and great displacement options.
The Standard line includes torsionally stiff couplings in a 50 to 300 mm outer diameter range and a 45 to 14,500 Nm nominal torque range. As all-metal couplings, they offer high torsional stiffness.

Different hub shapes can be combined as required
There are various force-fit and positive-locking hub shapes to choose from. They can be combined as required and thus precisely and individually adapted to the specific requirements.

> Application fields

Semiflex application fields include:

· Packaging machines
· Machine tools
· Conveyor technology
· Coating systems
· Profiling systems
· Automatic assembly machines and much more

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